Join us in Meeting Room O to see our 2019 story lineup.

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The space where every idea is heard, and only a few are sacred.  A crucible where stories can be crafted about you, your brand and your products.


Offsite offers a well stocked photo studio, including a wide selection of props, equipment and amenities. Also a great space for meetings and brainstorms, that'll get you out of your daily grind, in a town that inspires.



A huge door with southern sun exposure and additional windows offer warm, natural lighting. Conversley, blackout blinds can plunge the set into darkness if that's what is called for.


Meeting Space

Get away from distractions and host your next brainstorming session, kickoff meeting or strategy think tank at Offsite. We have a conference table, chairs, huge white board, A/V gear and can arrange all the food + comforts you'll need.



The prop selection is elegant and refined, yet somehow also funky and eclectic, meant to compliment a wide selection of consumer good and lifestyle photography.


We aren’t afraid to look under the cushions and take stuff apart to figure out your story.  


Avoiding a Stragedy 

Wether you inherited a washed up legacy brand, or you want a mechanic to look under the hood, or you just want to start things out right, we can listen to your business goals and help you sort out the best brand strategy.

Same Team

Already have a strategy, got it, now let's tell people what it is and make sure everyone is on board.  Let us develop a brand book, strat plan and style guide, so that all the folks in the business know how to pitch in.

Rest of World

What does your brand look like to everyone outside your business?  Honestly, this is the fun stuff for us.  Concepting, designing and building out campaigns that tell the very best story about your brand and products.


A direct measure of a brand's depth of character.  Content is the bedrock of storytelling, and we know exactly how to dig it up.


Guiding Light

Photography + video are at the core of our content work and are our biggest passions. We are committed to working with quality photographers and filmmakers with a focus on storytelling.


The Pen is Mighty

Illustration, graphic design and copy are art elements that allow us to go far beyond just what we can express in photography or video and really enhance the veracity of our stories.


Tying the Room Together

Good content doesn't happen without a solid ground game. We offer art direction, styling, location scouting, casting and a host of other planning + production services.