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Everyone agrees that stunning photos of riding amongst snow capped summits and dusty berm shots™ are worthwhile. Throw in a couple pics with someone under moose antlers and folks sitting around a fire . . . and you have a feature story. For this trip, we will check all those boxes, but also talk about what actually makes a trip great . . . the connection between people. This connection this comes from shared adversities and accomplishments, but also from the quieter times together, especially over meals. When you have ridden a bike all day, there is one thing at the very top of your mind . . . dinner. Why not talk about meals, camaraderie and all the other camp rituals as much as the riding?

We also hope to build out the project with some practical insights, peeking at the packing, planning, organizing, etc . . . along with food and cocktail recipes.

How it works

We’ll bring a pro ripper on one end of the spectrum and a pro chef on the other end . . . with a sprinkle of bike nerds and creatives in-between to create the camaraderie. The setting is interior BC, a float plane shuttle, an alpine lake, wide open spaces, killer single track, wildlife and an amazing base camp at the center. This’ll make for a story rich environment to talk about what actually makes a trip memorable.

We will limit the partners for this project to 4 non-competing brands, with the understanding that each brand will do their best to socially cross market the other participating partners, gaining access to their audience and visa versa.

The Details

proposed dates: August 30 - September 2

producer/photographer: Robin Sansom

words: Robin Sansom

riders: Greg Grenzke, Garrett Chow, + 2-3 more

What We Offer

  • 6-8 exclusive images that highlight specific products and/or features per the brand’s direction

  • 100+ shared images from the trip that may or may not contain your products, but are beautiful and will help tell a fantastic story 

  • 2-4k word story for publication + will offer a modified version for each brand’s blog, social media, website, etc.

  • 60 second shared video edit + 4 x 15 second versions for Instagram stories

  • IG tagging by creatives + talent (estimate minimum 20k+ followers)

  • IG cross tagging by partner brands (50-150k+ followers)

  • possible publication in online and/or print media

  • 3-5 direct IG posts for each brand during shooting

  • deliver assets & stories by September 15

Our Ask

  • Commitment and deposit by July 1st

  • Product delivered by August 1st

  • Specific art direction by August 1st

  • IG login information and guidelines for any direct posts

  • contact