I thought that it would be interesting to capture the gamut of the brave folks that rode @grinduro this year. So, I sat on the final descent of the course with my camera and carpal tunneled my way to getting a photo of each rider. I was blown away by the stoke level, especially given how tough this “race” is.

The link below will get you to a Google Drive folder where, if you are among the 659 portraits I snapped, you can download your pic! But first a couple notes:

  • This only includes riders from the big loop, not Grindurito, I’ll try for that too next time.

  • Photos are roughly in order of appearance, between noon and 4pm. Hopefully that will help you narrow down where you pic is.

  • I missed some riders when changing batteries, swapping memory cards, peeing and when finally I had to head down the mountain myself (whomever I loaned my pump to, please keep it!).

  • Please tag @offsitestudio and @givener if you repost on socials!

See you out there,