Here are some of the great local restaurants, hotels and other amenities that are just a few minutes from the studio.

East End Gastropub

Fresh local eats prepared with care and served with grace.


Energetic atmosphere and fantastic cocktails.

Verve Coffee

This is the original location of this now infamous third wave brand.

Windmill Cafe

Charming, tasty and close to the beach.

Home Rentals

Being a beach town, there is a huge buffet of choices in terms of vacation and short term rentals.

Sunny Cove Motel

Don’t stay at a stuffy corpo motel when you can be close to the beach in this gem! Clean and awesome . . . yes, you actually have to call to reserve a room.

Salsa’s Taco Bar

Just two block’s walk from the studio.

The Point Market

Best breakfast burritos in town . . . then walk over to watch the surf.


Fulfill all your surf needs here . . . friendly folks behind the counter will take good care of you, kook or not.