Surf + Turf - Baja// Meeting Room O // Project #7

Baja California was discovered by Europeans well before it’s northern neighbor Alta California. However, most of the peninsula remains Spartanly populated. Why? Well, in a word, Baja is rugg . . . ed.

Although ruggedness still keeps many of Baja’s surf breaks lonely by comparison, as roads, vehicles and information improve . . . the lineup thickens. With this trip, we are hoping to use bikes to earn the turns and quietly explore more remote places. Of course, we have some personal passion and experience driving this story. Have you seen the movie Ocean that we produced?!

How it works

We will take a small crew overland by vehicle to set up a base camp in Baja, then explore the harder to reach beaches via bike. Pairing core cyclists with their surf counterparts will mix things up, and we’ll also have fun, making fun of each other.

We believe this trip is a perfect way to talk about the concepts what wild means. How many kilometers, pedal strokes or footsteps exactly does it take to escape civilization? What makes a place feral and adventurous for one person, yet urbane for another? Are there really any wild places left? And if so, how do we keep them that way?

The visual intent will be to capture wide spaces that convey the exploratory vibe. We’ll also catch the pros doing things on bikes and boards alike, that will mystify the mortals. Lastly, we’ll focus on catching both the laughs and vulnerabilities. Campfire jokes and punctured tires, silly faces and snapped boards, etc.

We will limit the partners for this project to 4 non-competing brands, with the understanding that each brand will do their best to socially cross market the other participating partners, gaining access to their audience and visa versa.

The Details

proposed dates: January 2020

photographer/director: TBD

producer / 2nd camera: Robin Sansom

writer: TBD

riders/surfers: TBD

What We Offer

  • 6-8 exclusive images that highlight specific products and/or features per the brand’s direction

  • 100+ shared images from the trip that may or may not contain your products, but are beautiful and will help tell a fantastic story 

  • 2-4k word story for publication + will offer a modified version for each brand’s blog, social media, website, etc.

  • 60 second shared video edit + 4 x 15 second versions for Instagram stories

  • IG tagging by creatives + talent (estimate minimum 20k+ followers)

  • IG cross tagging by partner brands (50-150k+ followers)

  • possible publication in online and/or print media

  • 3-5 direct IG posts for each brand during shooting

  • deliver assets & stories by March 15th

Our Ask

  • Commitment and deposit by October 1

  • Product delivered by November 1

  • Specific art direction by November 1

  • IG login information and guidelines for any direct posts

  • contact