Surf + Turf - Outer Banx// Meeting Room O // Project #5

Biking and surfing, both often involve tight and revealing attire, which can go either way. But wait, they have more in common than that now. The advent of fat bikes, equipped with surf board racks, makes the exploration and access of surf breaks way more interesting. This trip will follow legendary two-wheeled dirtbaggers and a pro surfer as they ride along the entire length of the mystical Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Of course, we have some personal passion and experience driving this story . . . have you seen the movie Ocean that we produced?! This project aspires to take a different twist and focus on the intersection of different cultures.

How it works

We will take a small crew on a trip to the Outer Banks for about 8 total days of riding + surfing. These barrier islands have always been a magnet for outcasts and dreamers alike, from Blackbeard to man’s first flight. In this very fitting backdrop, our rigs will serve seemingly opposing roles: 1) they will get us away from people to more remote stretches that are rarely seen 2) they will most definitely draw interest and conversation with the people we do meet.

Standing at the crossroads of cycling and surfing, gives us a unique opportunity to explain and introduce one audience to the other. How engrained the etiquette is, what is usually accepted, what is not and why. Even something as simple as how you lay a board down vs. how you lay a bike down highlights how similar, yet different the cultures are.

We believe this trip is a perfect foil for an even larger discussion on tribalism. Shortboard vs. Longboard. Fat Tires vs. Skinny Tires. East vs. West. Local vs. Outsider. Liberal vs. Conservative, Us vs. Them . . . and why does it have to be that way? Can the outdoors help the tribes to unite? Or do we just keep creating new tribes with every change in wheel diameter or board shape or idealogy?

The visual intent will be to capture wide, stunning images that drops jaws, but also looser images of the people we meet and the oddities that we encounter, as a means to spark curiosity and drive the story discussion.

We will limit the partners for this project to 4 non-competing brands, with the understanding that each brand will do their best to socially cross market the other participating partners, gaining access to their audience and visa versa.


The Details

proposed dates: September 20-29

photographer: Chris McClean

producer / 2nd camera: Robin Sansom

writer: Gary Conley

riders/surfers: Matt Whitehead, Brianne Young, Gary Conley

What We Offer

  • 6-8 exclusive images that highlight specific products and/or features per the brand’s direction

  • 100+ shared images from the trip that may or may not contain your products, but are beautiful and will help tell a fantastic story 

  • 2-4k word story for publication + will offer a modified version for each brand’s blog, social media, website, etc.

  • 60 second shared video edit + 4 x 15 second versions for Instagram stories

  • IG tagging by creatives + talent (estimate minimum 20k+ followers)

  • IG cross tagging by partner brands (50-150k+ followers)

  • possible publication in online and/or print media

  • 3-5 direct IG posts for each brand during shooting

  • deliver assets & stories by November 15th

Our Ask

  • Commitment and deposit by July 1

  • Product delivered by August 1

  • Specific art direction by August 1

  • IG login information and guidelines for any direct posts

  • contact

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