We are excited about the prospects of being part of the Race Face Creator Series . . . and as such, we couldn’t help ourselves in pitching several projects that we are currently planning. Projects like these make up the core of our work and are absolutely the most fulfilling content that we create.  Each of these unique projects are made and curated by Offsite's mash up of creative collaborators.  

Our goal for each project is to tell a story with depth and character that is unique among the bike world.  We also want to poke around the edges of cycling and pull in folks from other sports and walks of life. Although we love “shreddits” as you say, they are kind of like classic rock . . . probably good music to start with, but we have heard it WAY too much.

Take a look at the stories below and see which one peaks your interest. All projects will include hundreds of high quality still images, a 1,000-3,000 word story and a 4-6 minute short film (+ shorter edits for social teasing). Projects are to be filmed in the month listed below and assets will be delivered 4-6 weeks after.




Trans Mission

June/July 2019, California - Charley was hard-living, foul-mouthed, one-eyed man who was a legendary California stagecoach driver in his own time. In death, Charley also made history after it was discovered his assigned sex at birth was female and possibly was the first to vote, during the 1868 US election. Born as Charlotte, but living most of his life as a man, we revisit Charley’s story by riding bikes along one of his most common stagecoach routes and visiting some of his haunts, with modern day trans adventurers. The talent/riders are being selected now, who will also provide the narration and written content. Other creatives will include a local Santa Cruz filmmaker, with Robin Sansom to produce/2nd cameraman.

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 3.10.18 PM.png

Unlikely Pals

August 2019, British Columbia - A professional fly fisher and a legendary mountain bike pro go on a road trip together . . . badum tish! This piece looks at how seemly different sports, are actually quite similar. As the pros take turns embarrassing each other with their respective skills, they will also talk about all the work and dedication needed, gear geeking, their obsessive fans, love of the outdoors and all of the many things they have in common. We’ll use this as a metaphor to help people to seek out what they have in common, rather than their differences. Our goal is to secure a BC bike legend (so many to choose from!) and a Patagonia fly fishing ambassador. Creatives will include Dominic Gill as the filmmaker, Robin Sansom will produce and write, while the photographer/2nd camera is TBD. Check out River - Bikefishing for Steelhead to get a feel for the cinematography, but with the action and fun significantly dialed up.


Surf + Turf OBX

September 2019, Outer Banks, North Carolina - Seasoned two-wheel explorers and surf aficionados team up to fat-bike-surf the entire length of North Carolina’s famed Outer Banks, in the middle of hurricane season swell. From the once fertile pirate hunting grounds, to the birth of flight, to the various lonely and crowded stretches of shores, these riders will traverse both time and distance as they ride a ribbon of sand in search of some good waves and even better times. To keep it interesting, riders will need the help of local fisherman and perhaps a pack raft to cross inlets and channels that seasonally punctuate the banks. Two of the three riders have been confirmed and they are doozies. Check out Chris McClean’s Vimeo as the would be filmmaker, and Robin Sansom who produced Ocean will be on hand as part of the crew.

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Tex Mex Hex

October 2019, Texas / Mexico - The US/Mexico border is a contentious issue, and literally in the center of it is America’s least visited national park, Big Bend. On the other side of the border is the even lesser known Parque Nacional Cañonde Santa Elena. They are only separated by a shallow river, but are worlds apart. We’ll explore natural and cultural terrain of both parks the best way we know how . . . by bike. Dominic Gill to film, Brian Vernor for stills and Robin Sansom to produce/write.


Surf + Turf Baja

January 2020, Baja Mexico - Biking and surfing, possibly the best combination since whiskey and beer. The advent of fat bikes, equipped with surf board racks, makes the exploration and access of surf breaks way more interesting. This trip will pair pro level cyclists and surfers, that take their “sport” seriously, but not themselves. They’ll shed tribal boundaries and push their limits with each other. The trip will also feature free diving, spear fishing, camping, getting lost, delicious cooking, good times and great oldies. Again, we’ll have Chris McClean as the filmmaker, and Robin Sansom who produced Ocean will produce here as well and be on 2nd camera. See more on this pitch here.

Past Projects


Burned Lines

November 2018, NorCal - We took a look at the effect that current and previous fires have had on mountain bike trails in Northern California. Our story not only physically explores the state of trail systems with pro mountain biker Barry Wicks, but we were also able to get the perspective of fire victims, land managers and the amazing advocacy community that has worked hard to get trails up and running again. See more details about this project and the assets that were delivered here.

Also, look for stories/photos/video this summer and fall published by our partners at Blackburn Design, Kona Bikes, The Athletic and other as yet unnamed outlets!

BAJA 2019-9582.jpg

Not a Guide to Baja

January 2019, Baja Mexico - It seems like Baja is having a moment . . . a climax of things like bikepacking, van life, gps and the omnipresent information that social media and blogs provide. We don't know if it is a good or bad moment, but we think it would be interesting to take a snapshot. We'll get perspectives from all sorts of visitors, old timers who have come for decades and new comers arriving for the first time. How will we keep places like this feral? Or should we? Why? Who gets to decide?

Content collected, and coming to a publication this summer . . . we’ll keep you posted.