A huge door with southern sun exposure and additional windows offer warm, natural lighting. Conversley, blackout blinds can plunge the set into darkness if that's what is called for.



The prop selection is elegant and refined, yet somehow also funky and eclectic, meant to compliment a wide selection of consumer good and lifestyle photography.



Real objects don't often float in white space, so that's why we have surfaces and backgrounds. Our surfaces vary in color, texture and material, with a wide selection of things like wood, concrete, metal, tile, etc.


Meeting Space

Get away from distractions and host your next brainstorming session, kickoff meeting or strategy think tank at Offsite. We have a conference table, chairs, huge white board, wifi, bluetooth audio system, projector and can arrange all the food + comforts you'll need.



Picture making can be hard work, so we've created a couple areas where you can get off the set and have a quick 1:1, check your messages, relax or celebrate. Kick back in our upstairs loft lounge or stretch out on our huge sunny outdoor bench.


Easy Access

There aren't any tricky hallways or steps to access our studio floor. Simply roll up the 10ft overhead door and slide your equipment in right from the parking lot.



A sweet selection of grip equipment is available with the studio, from light stands and reflectors to ladders and saw horses. See the complete list here.


Head Room

A portion of our studio has ceiling heights of up to 16 feet, so that we can easily accommodate overhead shots from ladders or our loft balcony.



We have a small kitchen, with cups, glasses & flatware that can accommodate coffee, tea, beverage and snack service. We can also fetch your favorite meals and deliver to the set. If you are sleeping over, need a cocktail or want to get your surf on, we have a list of suggestions for you.


Santa Cruz

The natural beauty of mountains hanging over a rugged coastline. A historic surf and adventure scene. Gritty and cliche at times, but also a charismatic, real and vibrant town. We love our studio space, but the world just outside of it also has a lot to offer. We can arrange a wide variety of scenes for nearby location shooting ... or offer a break (call it "team building" if you want) to surf, mountain bike, hike, etc.